iPonds (SE)

The iPonds - five almost identical ponds allowing for pond-level replicates and complete control of fish population

This is a conglomerate of several projects with very different objectives utilizing a research facility known as iPonds. The iPonds are five almost identical ponds, each of which easily can be equipped with high-resolution tracking systems. Furthermore, the ponds can be drained and it is therefore possible to effectively control the fish population in each allowing for controlled experiments. Moreover, as the ponds are almost identical, it is possible to conduct studies with pond-level replicates. This is truly a system bridging the gap between lab and field studies by effectively turning each pond into a real-world aquarium with 24/7 monitoring of the fish. Naturally, all tracks in the iPonds are estimated using YAPS.

Example of high-resolution tracking of roach in an iPond
First 24 hour post-release of 22 roach (Rutilus rutilus) into an iPond. Initially, all roach move together in a tight school, which breaks up into separate groups after a while. At sunset (approximately 20:30), the school is completely broken up, but re-formed around sunrise (approximately 06:00).

Project Partners
The iPonds research facility is managed by Dr. Kaj Hulthén. Kaj is also PI on several of the projects already conducted in the ponds as well as on future studies planned.

Henrik Baktoft
Henrik Baktoft
Senior Research Scientist