The first smolt reef in the world (DK)

Do boulder reef restoration enhance marine habitat for brown trout (_Salmo trutta_) smolt?

WePass (RO & RS)

Pilot Project: Making the Iron Gates Dams passable for Danube sturgeon

How do Fish use Seascapes? (US)

Drivers and Consequences of spatial patterning of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Florida Bay.

iPonds (SE)

Five almost identical ponds allowing for pond-level replicates and complete control of fish population

Effects of storm surge barriers on fish migration (DK)

Are manmade obstacles in marine environments causing migration delays and predation hotspots for migratory fish?

FishPath (NO)

Turbulent eddies to create paths for safe downstream migration for salmonids and eel past hydropower intakes

Sustainable Lake Stewardship (DK)

A central part of this large collaboratory project is our real-time high-resolution tracking of fish

Salcod (NO)

Impacts of salmon farming on Atlantic cod stocks

YAPS - Yet Another Positioning Solver

Open-Source fine-scale 2D/3D positioning of aquatic animals